Saturday, January 7, 2017


GD: this is the last day of my brilliant 20's

20 y.o (2007)

Release of 'Lies', Bigbang's first mini album
Release of 'Last Farewell', Bigbang's second mini album

21 y.o (2008)

Release of 'Haru Haru', Bigbang's third mini album
Release of 'Sunset Glow', Bigbang's second full album

22 y.o (2009)

Release of 'Lollipop', CF song
Release of 'Heart Breaker', GD's first full album

23 y.o (2010)

Release of 'Shouts of Victory'
Release of 'HIGH HIGH' and 'Knock Out', GD&TOP's first album

24 y.o (2011)

Release of 'Tonight', Bigbang's 4th mini album
Release of 'Love Song', Bigbang's special edition
Release of 'I Cheated', for the Mudo festival

25 y.o (2012)

Release of 'BLUE', 'Fantastic Baby' and 'Bad Boy', Bigbang's 5th mini album
Release of 'Monster', Bigbang's special edition
Release of 'ONE OF A KIND', 'That XX' and 'Crayon', GD's first mini album

26 y.o (2013)

Release of 'Crooked' and 'Who You?', GD's second full album

27 y.o (2014)

Release of 'GOOD BOY', GD&Taeyang's single

28 y.o (2015)

Release of 'Loser' and 'BAE BAE', Bigbang's single M
Release of 'BANGBANGBANG' and 'We Like 2 Party', Bigbang's single A
Release of 'If You and 'Sober', Bigbang's single D
Release of 'Let's Not Fall in Love' and 'ZUTTER', Bigbang's single E
Release of 'Mapsosa', for Mudo festival

29 y.o (2016)

Release of 'FXXT it', 'Last Dance' and 'Girlfriend', Bigbang's 3rd full album

His 20's were real brilliant

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1. He's seriously an impressive artist... every song he made became popular

2. Our Jiyoungie isn't not 25 anymore...ㅠㅠ aigoo... I will love you in your 30's too...

3. Ever since 'Heart Breaker', GD has never taken any rest... this is why his 20's were so brilliant

4. He's still as daebak as ever now

5. Jiyoung-ah, you're really living the hard working lifeㅠㅠ

6. GD is getting old and I'm getting old too, time sure flies by fast

7. Jiyoung-ah, you worked hard these past 10 years, see you for another 10 years <3

8. Wow I'm getting goosebumps

9. They were indeed brilliant

10. Wow he was already half-50 when he released Crayon...


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