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First of all, I've been a fan ever since they announced that A team won on WIN. My thoughts just crumbled the moment I heard that Nam Taehyun withdrew himself from Winner. I finally collected myself and decided to make this post because I'm too dumbfounded by this whole situation.

First of all, ever since they debut, all the fans are well aware of YG's crappy attitude towards Winner for example, how they went on a hiatus for one year, and how they only performed in Japan. I was so furious typing this down on my keyboard that I thought that I would knock it off.

Nam Taehyun went on a break because of his health issues and only a few days went by until his dating rumor broke out. The other company quickly refute the rumors and said that they were false but YG stayed silent the whole time. Then, the other company were making the journalists correct their articles while YG still didn't do anything. And then a month later, Nam Taehyun announced his withdrawal and canceled his contract. But wait there's more, YG announces the news of Park Bom canceling her contract and 2NE1's disbandment at the same time. Everyone knows that right now, YG is rumored to have relationships with Choi Soonshil but for all these news to be released at this point in time, even non-fans can see that they are having issues.

Can't you see that the kids are slowly leaving? I do support the remaining 4 Winner members and the other YG artists but I wish taht they'd all quit YG. I just can't bare with YG anymore.

And you, fans and non-fans, what do you think of Nam Taehyun's withdrawal?

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ㅇ |2016.11.25 23:00 신고하기
Ah I'm an Inner Circle so it's hard for me to even think straight now... Seriously Nam Taehyun worked so hard at producing and writing songs and his company nagged at him so much... ah seriously I'm not gonna trust anything that YG says from now, like how they are blaming Nam Taehyun for falling behind on their schedule;;; Winner's biggest weakness was to be in YG

ㅇㅇ |2016.11.25 22:44 신고하기
Everyone know that Winner didn't receive the treatment they deserved after debuting

ㅇㅇ |2016.11.26 09:25 신고하기
It was all in vain.. He put in so much effort in those years in order to debut to finally be treated like that.. If only YG did their job, Winner would be at EXO or BTS' level right now

ㅇㅇ |2016.11.26 15:38 신고하기
Wow.. that's too severe.. YG objected Nam Taehyun so much just because his composing style is different from what YG was seeking... My bias' company never intervene with his songs and lets him compose freely. I wonder what Nam Taehyun would do if he joins my bias' company.. Right now, it would be hard for him to find another company and also hard for him to be all by himself... When is YG gonna get rid of his pride..

ㅇㅇ |2016.11.26 15:12 신고하기
Just thinking about not being able to hear Nam Taehyun's voice in Winner's songs makes me wanna cry. I already feel gloomy


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